HACE Background:

The Brampton Arts Council was in the process of establishing an economic development model for the arts within downtown Brampton, when asked to join the City's Downtown Task Force. The Arts Council adopted its program and it was incorporated into an action plan of the Task Force in January of 2000.

The HACE initiative is designed to promote the downtown core by encouraging the development of a Heritage, Arts, Culture and Entertainment Sector for the City. The program promotes the unique features and facilities of the historic downtown core as an ideal centre and focus for the City's HACE economy.


Definition of the HACE Sector within Brampton:

The HACE partnership is a community economic development initiative fostering the promotion, development and linkage of Heritage, Arts, Culture and Entertainment audiences and businesses in Brampton.

Strategic Goals & Initiatives for the HACE Sector over the course of the year:

Goal 1: Economic Development Plan
  Create new Economic Development Opportunities in the HACE entrepreneurship, business expansion and retention.
Goal 2: Marketing Plan
  Raise awareness of the HACE Sector in Brampton through the implementation of a comprehensive Marketing Plan (i.e. Promotions; People/Partnerships; Communication/Media; Pricing; Advertising).
Goal 3: Expand Policy of the Arts
  Raise the awareness of the HACE Sector by implementing a Policy Statement promoting the significance of the HACE Sector in Brampton.
Goal 4: Coordination of the HACE Sector
  Establish a long-term coordination body of the HACE Sector in Brampton with a comprehensive and sustainable source(s) of funding.
  Over the years, the Brampton Arts Council has been fortunate to have known and worked with a great deal of talented people within the Arts Community. However, we cannot assume to know everyone. Therefore, we need your help and input on a fact-finding mission. If you know any successful Bramptonians who are active within the HACE sector, we would like to hear from you.
Please call us at (905) 874-2919
E-mail: info@hace.ca or visit www.hace.ca

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