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About Us

Programs, Activities and Initiatives of the Brampton Arts Council

To fulfill our mandate, the Brampton Arts Council carries out activities in the following categories:

  • Education/Development
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Communications
  • Promotion & Advocacy

Programs and Activities:

Advocacy, Partnership & Community Involvement (Past & Present):

  • Art In Public Places Committee (City of Brampton)
  • Arts Alive (Peel Board of Education)
  • Brampton Day (City of Brampton)
  • Chartwell Greenway Retirement's "Pathway to the Arts"
  • Cinderella (Library)
  • Councillors' Charity Golf Tournament for the Arts
  • Coke's Youth Art Competition Committee
  • Communities in Bloom (City of Brampton)
  • Cultural Planning Committee (City of Brampton & Library)
  • Doors Open Brampton Committee (Brampton Historical Society)
  • Downtown And Queen Street Corridor Advisory Committee (City of Brampton)
  • Downtown Task Force Committee (City of Brampton)
  • Elders Peel Committee
  • Graphic Novel of the Arts (Communities in Bloom & City of Brampton)
  • Jazz Festival Committee (Community Partners)
  • Looking up to the Arts (Shoppers World)
  • Public Art Mural Program Committee
  • Peel District School Board Community Art Liaison Committee
  • Parks, Culture & Recreation Master Plan (City of Brampton)
  • Studios of Brampton (Community Partners)
  • University of Toronto's Career/Volunteer Fair
  • Winter Lights (City of Brampton)

Membership & Outreach:

  • Liaison: BAC acts as a champion for art issues to various levels of government and on committees throughout the city, which gives us the opportunity to promote the arts.
  • Community Outreach: BAC Board and staff are available to act as resources or mentors in art business skills - for example, assistance or direction in filling out grant applications, how to become incorporated, how to prepare by-laws/constitutions and a variety of other issues. This service is extended to all Brampton residents in the art & culture sector.
  • Referrals: BAC receives requests daily for individuals & groups to perform, teach, facilitate workshop, advise, etc.
  • Rental Reduction: BAC member groups qualify to reduced City of Brampton venue rentals.
  • Funding: BAC, as a charitable organization, acts as the “flow through organization” for funding to groups.
  • Sponsorships: allocates sponsorships, when funding is available through the Community Arts Project Program, for example.
  • Administrative Services: such as photocopying, printing and postage meter usage are available at veryreasonable rates.
  • Meeting Space: Boardroom is available to our group members free of charge.
  • Information Centre: BAC maintains a library of information on arts-related groups and activities. Information on funding and reference materials is available.

Publicity & Promotion:

  • BAC Arts Guide: In addition to our virtual calendar, this pamphlet announces all group members' events from September to the end of June. A directory of all group members is listed for information. A BAC Summer Art Guide is produced to highlight our groups' summer activities. This is distributed city wide i.e. recreation centres, theatres, libraries, welcome wagon, new developments.
  • BAC ArtsTalk Newsletter: This is a quarterly newsletter distributed with current BAC and members' activities. (Ads can be placed in our quarterly newsletter at rates beginning at $25)
  • BAC Newsflash: This weekly e-newsletter is sent to all members, sponsors, politicians, etc. to keep them current on new events listings, audition calls, postings in the arts & culture sections, workshops. It is now also available on Facebookas well.
  • BAC Web Site: Features Calendar of Events, newsletters and links. We provide links to all of our member groups' web sites as well, as part of this service; we ask that there also be a reciprocal link to the BAC Site.
  • HACE™ Directory: Community-wide directory, categorizing the arts in the Heritage, Arts, Culture and Entertainment Sectors.
  • BAC Events: Brampton Art Council's annual events present some of the events the council organizes, administers that encourage development, recognition, networking or promotional opportunities.
  • Members' flyers are distributed in our quarterly newsletter and are available to the public in our office display area.