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Thursday-Sunday, November 13-16, 2014 at the Brampton Golf Club

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The HACE™ Business of the Arts Workshops, have annually attracted not only top level experts as presenters but also special quests i.e. Derek Wicks (international visual artist); Amy Sky and Marc Jordan(singer-songwriters), Rik Emmett (musician), Yannick Bisson (actor), Ian Thomas (song writers, performers); Murray McLaughlan (song writer, performer, poet and visual artist); Evelyn Hart (ballerina) and Dave Bidini (musician and producer).


Workshops at a Glance:
*All sessions are 75 minutes in length unless noted.

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# Day Time Title Presenter
A Thursday 7:30pm The Public Speaking Business Martin Pulelmeter
B Friday 7:30pm Become Your Own Marketing Machine Denise McClure
C Saturday 9am Made You Look Chala Dincoy
D Saturday 11am Keeping All The Balls In The Air Kristian Clarke
E Saturday 11am Stage Fright: Putting yourself out there and networking with LinkedIN Nataleigh Ballantyne
F Saturday 1pm How to be realistic and still live your dreams! (for actors) Edward Power
G Saturday 1pm Websites – How to do it right and with the least effort Aad Vermeyden
Jeanette Obbink
H Saturday 3pm The Art of Selling Your Art Online Aad Vermeyden
Jeanette Obbink
I Saturday 3pm Are you the Author of a “Great Canadian Novel”? (self-publishing vs. traditional publishing) Marg Macleod
J Sunday 1pm The Agent in the Music Business Darcy Gregoire
K Sunday 3pm Pavlo: Perseverance 101 Pavlo
All sessions are subject to change without notice. Update #1: Sept. 30/14

We typically offer several workshops/sessions. Some workshops/sessions, which have been offered, are Turning your Talent into a Business; An Introduction To Publicity; Copyright Law; SOCAN; Taxation Tips; Marketing; Liability Insurance; Writing a Business Plan for Your Arts Business; and many more. Survey comments from participants are solicited to analyze what workshops would be recommended again and to obtain suggestions on future workshops. It is because of the surveys, we started the HACE™ Mini-Series workshops.

There have been over 1000 registered participants, since the workshops have been established. We have been able to accommodate 300 participants per weekend. Because our membership includes visual, performing, literary, media and heritage disciplines, the workshop participants come from a wide range of disciplines. Our hospitality room serves not only as a registration room but it is very successful for networking. Once a workshop is finished, participants love to stay and chat and exchange information.

The HACE™ Business of the Arts Workshops are available to Brampton residents. See below for the most recent workshop list and description.

Workshop Presenters & Course Outlines
HACE™ Conference 2014

Workshop A
Do You Believe in Free Speech? The Business Side of Public Speaking

Overview - This presentation is aimed at the artists who are interested in in entering the world of professional speaking. With the growing popularity of public speaking as both an art form and a business, there are opportunities for individuals from a variety of fields and disciplines to become successful public speakers. Well known public speaking platforms such as TED.com and others have given a voice to people with expertise and ideas to spread their message to a broad audience. Learn how to get your message heard, and what it takes to charge speaking fees for your services.

Martin Perelmuter is an unapologetic idealist.

He’s passionate about people and ideas, and after 18 years in the speaking industry believes more than ever that a great speech can provide the impetus for action and be a catalyst for change.

Prior to co-founding Speakers’ Spotlight, Martin was a corporate lawyer at a prestigious international law firm. While he realized early on in his career that he needed to do something more entrepreneurial, he learned some incredibly valuable best practices that have shaped his approach to client service and business management.

Martin's views on the speaking industry have been reported in various television and print media and have been published in over 60 countries. His opinions are also featured prominently in the first Canadian edition of Contemporary Business Communication, a college and university textbook published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

Martin has been a guest lecturer at several colleges and universities, and was a keynote speaker at the Public Words Speaker Forum at The Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School in Cambridge.

Martin is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Western Ontario, and the Faculty of Law at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto.

He lives in Toronto with his wife and business partner Farah, and their children Jade and Cole. He is an avid reader, and lover of old, obscure music.

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Workshop B
Become your own Marketing Machine

Overview - This interactive seminar will cover all aspects of marketing your work, including defining your goals; developing effective tools, tactics, and messaging; and identifying, engaging, and building your audience and support community. The session will provide an overview of several effective case studies of artists who have used both traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies in support of their work.

Denise McClure - Denise has over 16 years of progressive marketing experience in consumer and small business marketing. Before joining the Small Business Enterprise Centre in 2013 as the Manager of Entrepreneurial Services,

Denise launched the successful City of Brampton Economic Development brand, B…more. One of Denise’s most rewarding experiences since joining the City of Brampton was managing the Brampton Farmers’ Market for four seasons.

Denise is a partner in a successful family business and a hockey mom of three.

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Workshop C
Made You Look

Overview - What to Say so clients joyfully throw their credit cards at you. Do people look confused when you tell them what you do? Has it been months since you got someone calling you because they fell in love with your website? Are you afraid of looking pushy or sale-y when you try to tell people how you can help? Studies show that people don’t like to be marketed to and don’t trust sources that they feel are ‘selling’ them something. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know exactly what to say to your ideal clients to get them to WANT to work with you? In this session you will learn:

  • Why most sales and marketing techniques turn people off and how to avoid them
  • How to base your messaging on what’s relevant to your audience
  • How to talk about what you do in a way that attracts clients
  • How to make a plan so that the message actually converts your potential clients into actual ones.

Chala Dincoy is the CEO and Founder of Coachtactics, www.coachtactics.com. She’s a brand marketing expert who helps small businesses feel like a NATIONAL BRAND (without paying the big bucks!) In her former life, Chala was an award winning marketer at companies such as Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Frito Lay, Diageo, Playtex and BIC Inc for 20 years. Now she’s a certified business coach, the author of Gentle Marketing: A Gentle Way To Attract Loads Of Clients, a speaker featured on Rogers TV, the National Post, the Ottawa Citizen, a radio segment host on the Small Business Big Ideas Show and a regular video blog contributor to the Meetings + Incentive Travel Magazine. Chala dishes out big advice that's to the point, cuts your costs and helps make your brand look like a ROCK STAR to customers!

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Workshop D
Keeping All the Balls In The Air

Overview - During this workshop, Kristian will provide an overview of the many responsibilities that cultural entrepreneurs are forced to deal with. He will then give practical tips on how these competing priorities can be managed efficiently. The presenter will make reference to the strengths and pitfalls of technology and the power of networks to overcome challenges.

Kristian Clarke - An Art History graduate with an additional Certificate in Cultural Management from Humber College, Kristian has worked at Canadian Artists Representation/le front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC Ontario) www.carfacontario.ca for more than 13 years. Kristian sees himself as a Creative Visionary with particular interests in artist-run advocacy, proposal development, dispute resolution and policy development at municipal, provincial and federal levels. Kristian also serves on the Board for the Canadian Arts Resources Foundation of Ontario [(CARFO) recently rebranded as CANVAS] and Work In Culture, which supports the people who work in the cultural sector through life-long career development and business skills training. In his spare time, Kristian can be found engaging in performance-based art projects with his 8 year-old daughter named Phoibe at his cabin on Georgian Bay or listening to his wife, Krisztina Szabo, perform one of her many operatic roles.

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Workshop E
Stage Fright: Putting Yourself Out There and Networking with LinkedIN

Overview - Stage Fright: Putting yourself out there and networking with LinkedIN. If I google your name, your LinkedIN profile is the first thing to show up. How can you maximize exposure, build a portfolio, share updates and get more views using your professional network

Nataleigh Ballantyne is a technology coach and social media strategist who has provided her experience and expertise to some of the largest companies in the country. She is a former Director of Communications for the Economic Club of Canada, and has also worked with RE/MAX Ontario/Atlantic, and the Toronto Argonauts. Nataleigh has shared her knowledge and experience across the province, helping small business owners maximize their presence online.

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Workshop F
How to be Realistic and Still Live Your Dreams! (for actors)

Overview - This talk will focus on the necessary steps and foundations to help build a career that industry professionals and viewers can trust. The four main sections that will be discussed are:

Business Owner/Entrepreneur
Fundamentally to become an actor is to become a business owner and you must adopt an entrepreneurial spirit.

Understand the service you are providing and what your customers want.

You must build your network and industry contacts. Appreciate the people you’re interacting with and understand their desires are key.

Continue to work on your service and your network. As you build your career, help others and they will reciprocate through fair exchange.

Edward Power: Agent and talent manager Edward Power is an emerging tastemaker in the Canadian Film & Television industry. After leaving his job as a Business Bank manager at Barclays bank in his native London England, Edward headed to Canada to pursue a new adventure. Shortly after arriving in Toronto, Canada, Edward was introduced to entertainment mogul Chris Smith (Nelly Furtado, Fefe Dobson, Kreesha Turner) and the two formed and developed a division of Smith's 21 Entertainment Group devoted to acting clients. With Chris Smith as a guide, Edward quickly navigated his way through the industry and began penning successful deals for his clients.

Edward heads the Film & TV department at Chris Smith Management utilizing his background in performing arts and his experience in the corporate world, along with his mentorship under the guidance of Chris Smith to help serve his clients.

Chris Smith Management is a full service artist management firm with its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Chris Smith Management as a company has garnered a number of prestigious awards and critical press acclaim including 2002 Management Company of the Year (Canadian Music Week), and Artist Management Company of the Year 2001 and 2002 (Urban Music Awards).

Edward is consistently working with his clients, industry professional and other like-minded individuals to fortify and grow his clients business and help promote the Canadian film and television industry.

Workshop G
Websites – How to do it right and with the least effort

Overview -It’s hard to imagine that the web as we know it is barely a quarter century old! Given it’s this young explains the speed at which things are changing. This workshop will bring your knowledge about what is important in (managing) a website and will include the following topics:

  • purpose of your website
  • what to look out for when designing and working out the content for your site
  • content management systems
  • how to integrate analytics and how to interpret that
  • search engine optimization
  • how does your website integrate with your overall marketing strategy.
There will be ample time to answer your questions. Presented by the husband and wife team of:

Aad Vermeyden – President of Blueprint Agencies, a full-service marketing firm. Our staff includes web- and database programmers, graphic designers, an art director and marketing, SEO and Social Media specialists. Check out www.blueprintagencies.com for more information.

And Jeanette Obbink, Visual Artist. Jeanette worked as the Art Director at Blueprint Agencies, but is a visual artist in her own right and has recently gone full-time in her studio. She specializes in oil and watercolour paintings. Her work is figurative with compositions, shapes and colours that reflect her love for nature and the environment. She has her own website at www.obbink.ca and has researched and used a number of online art websites.

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Workshop H
The Art of Selling Your Art Online

Overview - If you are a visual artist, you probably have art to sell and if you’re reading this, you probably would like to know what your options are to sell your art on the web. Jeanette will walk you through the steps she took to get her art online. What worked, what did not. We will compare a number of different art websites, so that you can learn from our mistakes and findings! Presented by the husband and wife team of:

Aad Vermeyden – President of Blueprint Agencies, a full-service marketing firm. Our staff includes web- and database programmers, graphic designers, an art director and marketing, SEO and Social Media specialists. Check out www.blueprintagencies.com for more information.

And Jeanette Obbink, Visual Artist. Jeanette worked as the Art Director at Blueprint Agencies, but is a visual artist in her own right and has recently gone full-time in her studio. She specializes in oil and watercolour paintings. Her work is figurative with compositions, shapes and colours that reflect her love for nature and the environment. She has her own website at www.obbink.ca and has researched and used a number of online art websites.

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Workshop I
Are you the Author of a “Great Canadian Novel”? (self-publishing vs. traditional publishing)

Overview - Have you written – or are you about to write the Greatest Canadian Novel? The only thing holding you back is getting your work from your computer to book store shelves?

Learn the ins and outs of getting published. The options seem endless – go to a Publisher or self-publish? E-book only, or e-book plus printed book, or printed book only? (to give you a sneak peak at the answer to that dilemma – e-books represent less than 25% of the book market). How many copies should be printed? How do the books get sold into and distributed to book stores?

Learn the answer to these questions and more by signing up for this session with Marg Macleod, Account Rep for Friesens – Canada’s leading Book Manufacturer. Friesens deals with Publishers and Self Publishers throughout North America and Europe.

Marg Macleod’s background includes print sales in book manufacturing, print training, print buying and print consulting with a focus on workflow management, lean manufacturing, and management information systems.

Marg is a sales representative for Friesens – Canada’s most prestigious book manufacturer and works with some of the North America’s largest Publishers including Scholastic Canada (children’s books), LexisNexis (law books) and John Wiley & Sons (education books). In addition she also works with self- publishers guiding them through the book manufacturing process.

Prior to becoming a Book Manufacturing print sales rep, Marg spent 18 years in the Print Production area in Advertising Agencies, and 2 years as Director of Marketing for Jannock Imaging.

The years Marg spent at Ad Agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi as Vice-President of Print Production, and Ogilvy & Mather as Print Production & Print Traffic Manager, as well as her time at the various Jannock Imaging companies (Cooper & Beatty Typographers, Batten Graphics, Arthurs-Jones Lithographers, etc) helped her develop a deeper knowledge of the print industry. As Director of Marketing for Jannock Imaging, Marg had the opportunity of working with advances and innovations in electronic technology first hand.

Marg regularly consults for printing companies as well as Printing Industry Manufacturers/Vendors performing Lean Manufacturing audits and implementation, the development of strategic plans, marketing plans, and ISO 9001 certification. She has served as a mediator in client/supplier disputes, and as an expert witness in court cases involving print buying, prepress or press expertise. Another skill frequently drawn upon by corporations involved in print buying, is her ability to assess existing buying processes and recommend methods to increase productivity and fiscal efficiency.

She is a Certified Quality Process Auditor, an ISO 9001 Certified Lead Auditor and a Certified Internal Auditor.

Author of seven textbooks which are support materials for Print Production courses, Marg has also written a number of White Papers on specific Lean Management procedures and Management Information Systems for print industry manufacturing vendors.

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Workshop J
The Agent in the Music Business

Overview - An agent's role has become one of the most important roles in the music industry. Beyond the function of simply booking shows, a good agent applies experience, knowledge, vision, and strategy in order to serve an artist's career more thoughtfully than ever before. In this session we'll explore the benefits of what experience brings, along with some tips on how to avoid learning things the hard way. We'll discuss what kind of knowledge is important to have and what resources one could use to acquire information. We'll also discuss the necessity of having vision and why strategy is so important, for the purposes of signing artists to routing tours.

Darcy Gregoire – One of Canada's top (music) talent agents, Darcy Gregoire began his career at thirteen when he booked his first show, having his band perform at his high school dance in St. Pierre, Manitoba. Throughout his teens to early twenties, Darcy was the bandleader who negotiated deals with club owners, booked production, created marketing materials, etc.

Shortly after finishing a Music Business Administration course at Trebas Institute in '94, Darcy landed the most-seemingly fit of an opportunity, starting as an agent at Paquin Entertainment Agency (now Paquin Artists Agency) in their Winnipeg office. In 2000, Darcy left the company to cofound a new agency, Live Tour Artists, which in a few short years earned the respect of the industry as one of the top four agencies in the country at the time.

In 2007, Darcy found his new home at The Agency Group*, where his roster of thirty-some clients joined him in the move. Today, after twenty years as a professional, AF of M-licensed agent, Darcy says, "I feel like I'm just getting started. I’ve obviously amassed a large amount of experience over the years, but as opportunities grow more and more throughout one’s career, I can’t help but feel that every day is fresher and more exciting than the last.”

With creative-vision, passion, and unwavering dedication, Darcy serves a talent roster that is within the most eclectic in the industry, ranging from rock, pop, and R&B artists, to folk, blues, and jazz performers, to world music and to adult contemporary artists, and more.

Of Darcy’s sixty-plus artist roster, a few clients include; Alex Cuba, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, Bob Geldof, Bobby Bazini, The Bright Light Social Hour, Current Swell, The Cult, Ashley MacIsaac, Pavlo, Harry Manx, Colm Wilkinson, Jose Carreras, Jose Feliciano, Daniel Powter, Jully Black, Jarvis Church, Sarah Slean, Emilie-Claire Barlow, Michael Kaeshammer, George Benson, Eric Burdon and The Animals, Jake Shimabukuro, The Once, Hawksley Workman, and Martha Wainwright.

*The Agency Group – the world’s leading independent talent booking agency, and home to 80 career-building, taste-making, artist-development agents, represents a deep and impressive roster of over 2,000 musicians, speakers, authors and chefs. The Agency Group is responsible for driving the successful careers of many of the most recognizable and trailblazing names in the entertainment industry, including, The Black Keys, Deep Purple, Guns N’ Roses, Muse, Paramore, Nickelback, Bullet for My Valentine, Wiz Khalifa, The Kills, Gotye, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, A$AP Rocky, Tegan and Sara, RUSH and many, many more. Having offices located London, New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Toronto, and Malmo, The Agency Group offers global service to its artists.

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Workshop K
Pavlo: Perseverance 101

Overview - Recording Artist, PAVLO speaks about how creating his own unique sound has resulted in 9 albums; a PBS Special; his own line of acoustic guitars and a successful worldwide touring career. All this, after record labels turned him down.

Pavlo talks about how he sued R-Kelly and how he won, after everyone said it was impossible.

Pavlo will tell you why things are getting better in the music business – while most are saying differently.

Pavlo will share his personal strategies for success: reinvesting in your dream; having many “irons in the fire” and letting the music “sell” itself.

PAVLO – How many recording artists can say they have more than 10,000 hours of actual “headlining” experience?

Pavlo is described as a “Guitar Master” whose gift for original melodies is in equal measure to his genius ability to fully engage any audience. Anywhere.

From independently growing his own musical genre, he calls “Mediterranean Music”, Pavlo’s style has attracted the respect of Gordon Lightfoot; Moses Znaimer; Julio Iglesias; R Kelly; Jay Z; even His Royal Highness, Prince Charles.

Pavlo passionately exposes the world to his infectious and unique brand, at a pace of over 150 concerts per year. Not bad for an artist who was turned down by every record label and told there was “no market for this style of music”.

Now, over a decade later, Pavlo’s “feel good” music has found it’s way around the globe.
Loved by not only music listeners, but by musicians alike. Pavlo’s original compositions are being performed worldwide:
Guitar orchestras in Taiwan to Guatemala; Street performers in South Beach Miami, to world-class symphonies in Mexico.
Pavlo’s music has been featured on diverse television shows from “So You Think You Can Dance” to “The L-Word”.
There certainly is a very healthy global appetite for Pavlo’s “Mediterranean Music”.

Notoriously humble and charming, Pavlo, was raised in Toronto, Canada within a supportive and lively Greek family whose motto was:
“Have the courage to do what you love; and the drive to do it well.”
As an independent artist, he lives by those words.
While he has earned great respect within the industry – Pavlo continues his life’s ambition: to share the gift and enjoyment of music far and wide – without borders or barriers.
After his successful PBS Special, “Pavlo: Mediterranean Nights”, his next project was developing his very own Signature Series Pavlo guitar for mass production.
Pavlo soon became famously known for giving away the guitar off his back to a random audience member at every concert. This was again, his way of sharing the gift of music.
After selling out of his 1st and 2nd editions of his very own acoustic guitar line, Pavlo partnered with guitar manufacturing giant, Godin, and made his Signature Series Pavlo Guitar by Godin available worldwide.
Pavlo has been quoted to say, “In life, there is no set list.” Which explains his spontaneity during every performance.
However, at a Pavlo concert, there are certainly some things you can expect:
REAL music; ORIGINAL melodies; well-honed skills and of course, standing ovations.

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